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The web is a sea of content. It is deep and mysterious, vast and without mercy. If you want to stay afloat, you need to do more than just swim. You need to master the current.

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I’m Thomas E. Hanna, the founder of and host of Social Theory. I’ve been blogging since 2009, before choosing to help others experience some of the same success I found. In 2014, I launched BlogPhotoTv with a mission to rescue remarkable visionaries from internet obscurity.

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Thomas E. Hanna is that rare find among those professing to advise on content and social media: someone who both actually knows what he’s talking about and can communicate what he knows. When you read his stuff you get more than good tips, you get true wisdom. And you get it in a way that will never put you to sleep. Mark Traphagen

Stone Temple Consulting

I’ve watched Thomas go from zero to a recognized expert in a couple of short months. It was like watching a piece of engagement art created in front of your very eyes. Thomas E. Hanna is definitely the person to follow, watch closely, and learn from. He does what others only talk about doing. Ana Hoffman

Traffic Generation Cafe is killing it with the content! This is a great site to get your go-to social media and blogging content help from. Wade Harman

CCO, Weal Media

“Leadership is the art of giving people a platform for spreading ideas that work.” – Seth Godin